I was never a baker.  It is the flour.  It was always such a messy project to bake. And way too precise.

But, the other day I made cupcakes.  And, even though I did make a mess. I have to say. I felt a feeling of accomplishment and happiness once those pretty little cakes were done.

And, they tasted good!

Tini Cakes.  Partially from my last name and the partially from fact that cupcakes are just that. Little cakes, or tini cakes.

So, welcome to Tini Cakes.  I hope you enjoy your visit.


2 responses to “About

  1. Marie


    I am so proud of you for doing this site. It is so beautiful and your writing abilities amaze me.

    I hope that someday this will turn into lots of success and money for you. You deserve it.



    • That is so sweet! Thank you! I enjoy this. I would really like to make in into something. I’m going to research it, but not do anything before Italy.

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